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Nexter Training

Nexter Training is a Nexter brand. The company specializes in the creation of in-service technical and maintenance training using the new technologies of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.
Nexter Training has a tools-authors platform, GVT® (Generic Virtual Training). Qualified by the French army, this platform uses patented software building blocks. Thanks to this platform, Nexter Training can quickly create technical training in a virtual and simulated environment.

Since its creation, Nexter Training is a major player in 4.0 training. The company has carried out numerous training projects thanks to the technical and pedagogical know-how of its teams.

The implementation of CAESAR®, the maintenance of the VBCI and LECLERC MBT, the TGV train and the Rafale aircraft are part of more than 300 training modules delivered to date. Nexter Training's customers include SNCF, Dassault Aviation and Total.

Nexter Training has developed an extensive range of technical training products.

  • Virtual Maintenance Training (VMT) or maintenance trainer: troubleshooting and diagnostics, Maintenance training
  • Serious games / human factor: training in industrial risks, safety, electrical risks
  • Job training: training for CAESAR® Room Leaders, Immersive Training in the Use of Civilian and Military Systems
  • Maintenance support solutions: augmented reality training for the maintenance of civil and military systems
  • Solutions for operational marketing and systems ergonomics: operational presentation of military systems, presentation of different ergonomics on new versions of military systems
  • R&D projects

Nexter Training uses new technologies.

  • Virtual reality: immersed in a virtual and simulated environment, the learner trains and tests his/her skills safely, without fear of failure.
  • Augmented Reality: The learner can learn new procedures under real conditions. Additional information is superimposed in his/her real environment.
  • Mixed reality: Mixed reality is the fusion of the real world and a virtual world. This hybrid technology allows the learner to interact in an environment where physical objects mingle with digital objects.

Nexter Training is ISO 9001 certified - 2015 version.

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