DIMDEX 2024: Nexter, company of KNDS, offers the VBCI to modernise the Qatar infantry units

Nexter proposes a 100% French solution offering the latest evolution of the combat-proven French Infantry Fighting Vehicle (VBCI MkII) to strengthen the Qatar Armed Forces. The French proposal contributes to develop the Qatar Emiri Defence Industrial and Technology Base in line with the 2030 vision for Qatar: a final assembly line, maintenance and support, and the production of a large range of ammunition will be localized, to the benefit of Qatar’s sovereignty. Nexter also showcases its innovative ammunition range for medium-calibre, artillery and main battle tanks, which can be used by the Leopard 2 tank and the PZH 2000.

The VBCI MkII to renew the Qatar Armed Forces

Nexter, company of KNDS, has a long history of partnership in the field of armoured vehicles such as the AMX 30 with the Qatar Armed Forces. Today, we propose to renew this partnership with a state-of-the-art 8x8 infantry fighting vehicle, thanks to the benefit of years of successful evaluation in Qatar, and the lessons learned by the French Army.

The VBCI MkII is an improved version of the French Army’s one already in service. Its new T40 turret integrates an Akeron MP missile and the 40mm cased-telescoped ammunition (CTA) gun able to penetrate 140mm of armour at 1500m. These weapons cover all types of land threats from infantry to main battle tanks.

The VBCI is combat proven by the French army for more than 10 years. It has demonstrated exceptional combat capabilities. For instance, the VBCI saved the life of all the crew and soldiers it carried during war operations.


The JAGUAR for reconnaissance and combat missions

The JAGUAR reconnaissance and combat vehicle is the latest cavalry vehicle that has entered in service within the French forces in 2021, and will enter in service in the Belgian army.

The JAGUAR is the perfect mix of Nexter, Arquus and Thales know-how. Its turret integrates the 40CTA gun and the Akeron MP missile. This 25t vehicle combines state-of-the art weapons, the newest vetronics for communication and combat as well as an excellent mobility.

The JAGUAR showcased at our booth is equipped with the maned T40 turret. The T40 is a family of turret using the same weapon system. Thanks to the 60° elevation site of the cannon and the new Anti-Aerial Air Burst Ammunition, the RCT40 will contribute to the Counter-UAV capability.

A complete ammunition range

            Nexter’s ammunition portfolio includes most of NATO calibers for main battle tanks, naval and land systems:

  • The 40mm CTA fired by the VBCI MkII and the JAGUAR with an APDSFS able to defeat 140mm armour at 1500m.
  • The 155mm such as the KATANA next-generation high-precision guided artillery ammunition.
  • The 120mm for MBT such as the SHARD new APFSDS that outperforms the current ones by more than 10%.
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