Nexter CERT(official name “CERT Nexter” or “CERT-NEXTER”) is the team responsible for the handling of IT security incidents within Nexter Group, including its subsidiaries.


How to report an incident to our cyber team?

You can contact us by sending an email to CERT Nexter.

If the information you want to send us is sensitive, we provide you with a PGP key. The exchanges will encrypted and secure.

You can reach our team by phone (during UTC + 1 office hours) at +33 1 39 49 85 85.


About CERT Nexter ?

A computer emergency response team (CERT) is an alert and reaction center for computer attacks intended for companies. The team's goal is to strengthen the prevention and protection of our company against cyber risks.

The team operates according to RFC2350 which specifies expectations for responding to IT security incidents. The latest version of the Nexter CERT document RFC2350 can be downloaded here.