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KNDS France's responsibility is essential in the relationships that the group maintains with all stakeholders, whether they are customers, suppliers, shareholders and, of course, employees.

This approach, taken into account in the strategic orientations, contributes as much to maintain relations of trust and transparency between the group and its partners as to improve its performances in the defense sector in France and Europe. It relies on a certain number of mechanisms and initiatives, notably concerning risk management and the reinforcement of internal control, our environmental policy, and the development of long-lasting partnerships with our suppliers.

This corporate responsibility is reflected in the five values it promotes internally: fulfillment of commitments, safety, quality, team spirit, ethics and compliance.

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Development of partnerships with our suppliers

We have integrated the need for a long-term relationship with our suppliers into our overall purchasing strategy. The quality of this relationship is a strategic element of end customer satisfaction. Establishing the most transparent possible climate of trust with our suppliers is at the heart of our concerns.

The Purchasing Department wants to drive a collaborative relationship. Indeed, our purchasing policy allows the selection of the best suppliers, based on reciprocal commitments and a precise definition of the responsibilities and associated risks. Suppliers are thus involved in achieving our company's quality, cost, time and performance objectives.

We are committed to promoting the French industrial fabric, representing more than 85% of our annual purchasing commitments. We also pay special attention to SMEs that make up 40% of our panel. This attention is materialized by a 30-day payment term policy, by the prevention of economic dependency and by the creation of a "Progress and Supplier Relations" service, dedicated to the deployment and monitoring of good supplier customer relations practices.

In this context, we are adherents to and signatories of several charters and pacts, to develop and perfect partnerships with our suppliers, particularly with SMEs:

These commitments aim to bring together major customers to discuss best practices around five major topics: innovation, the adaptation of rules, the effects of levers, governance and partnership relations with their SME / SMI suppliers.

In view of these commitments, the presence of an internal mediator contributes to the improvement of equitable relations and partnerships with our suppliers. In the event of a dispute between a supplier and this latter's interlocutor, and after unsuccessfully attempting to resolve the dispute with the interlocutor or any other relevant contact within the group, the supplier may refer the matter to the internal mediator to find a solution acceptable to both parties.

Lastly, an acquisition ethics charter has been in force since 2015. It is divided into two parts: one for the players of the acquisition process, the other for suppliers. It aims to remind everyone of the fundamental principles to ensure business climate sustainability.



Two balance sheets of greenhouse gas emissions, carried out according to the carbon balance method, have been drawn up for the KNDS France group on the basis of data collected in 2014: one by KNDS France and one by KNDS Ammo France, and this in accordance with Article 75 of Law No. 2010-788 of 12 July 2012.

These emissions are divided into two categories: "direct emissions" and "indirect emissions". "Direct emissions" refers to all fixed or mobile sources belonging to the company (boilers, vehicles, leaks on cooling installations). "Indirect emissions" are exclusively related to the company's electricity consumption and take into account the corresponding share of greenhouse gases emitted by the power plants.