29 May 2019
Brno - Czech Republic


International Defence and Security Technologies


KNDS France presents on the KNDS stand a copy of the 8x8 VBCI armored vehicle, equipped with a 40mm turret (T40). It represents the best a wheeled combat vehicle can offer. The field of reconnaissance is also tackled, through a model of the Armored Combat and Reconnaissance Vehicle EBRC-JAGUAR.

KNDS France’s 6x6 TITUS® armored vehicle is also visible on the CSG stand, equipped with a 20mm ARX®20 turret.

On the artillery side, KNDS France showcases a model of CAESAR® 8x8. This version of the 155mm self-propelled artillery gun, which can fire 6 rounds per minute with very high precision, was ordered by the Danish army.

KNDS France also exhibits its know-how in turrets. In addition to the T40 mounted on the VBCI, and the 20mm ARX®20 turret on TITUS®, the group presents the RAPIDFire® turret in its land version and the P20 light-duty manual mount, both on 1/5 scale. Air systems are not left out with the presence of models of the POD NC621 gun and the SH20 retractable door mounting for helicopters.

Visitors will also discover the NERVA® robot and its payloads, the FINDEAGLE® mission enhancement kit, the FINDMP® digital system and the FINDART® fire support command and control system, solutions developed thanks to the group's ambitious innovation policy.

Finally, KNDS France showcases a wide range of ammunition, ranging from 20mm to 155mm, including the KATANA® smart ammunition.

Find KNDS France and its experts on the KNDS booth, #P-089/90.

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Nexter in Czech Republic for IDET Trade Show

Nexter, a KNDS company, european leader in land defense, will be present at the IDET Trade Show from May 29 - 31 2019 in Brno, Czech Republic. Architect and system integrator, Nexter will showcase its know-how by proposing solutions that meet the needs of land, naval, air and security forces.