Programme SCORPION


The program goes well beyond the development and delivery of the GRIFFON, JAGUAR and SERVAL vehicles, along with the renovation of the LECLERC MBT: integration of drones and robots into the combat system, communication with dismounted soldiers and multiple sensor management. The goal is to bring French troops into the era of collaborative combat.

KNDS France’s SCORPION program represents:






LECLERC MBT renovated


million contract


first vehicles delivered


DCL armored recovery vehicles


The LECLERC MBT is a third generation heavy battle tank. Its architecture allows it to be revised and upgraded with the latest systems to adapt to ever-changing battlefield threats. This renovation will increase the MBT's operational capabilities, with the integration of vetronics and secondary armament, as well as the army's new command and communication systems.

JAGUAR*, Armored Reconnaissance and Combat vehicle

The JAGUAR, Armored Reconnaissance and Combat Vehicle (EBRC) will replace the AMX10RC and ERC90. It is equipped with a threat detection system including an acoustic detonation tracking system, a laser warning detector and a missile launch detector connected to the SCORPION joint vetronics system. On-board simulation will allow the crew to train within a regiment without external means.


*temporary business group with Arquus and Thales


GRIFFON*, Multi-Role Armored Vehicle

In order to renew VABs (armored personnel carriers), the GRIFFON, Multi-Role Armored Vehicle (VBMR), is capable of filling a wide spectrum of missions. It was designed primarily with humans in mind: air conditioning system, space optimization, etc. The goal is to allow users to achieve their mission under optimum conditions. Ten versions will be developed: Troop Transport, Command Post, Health, Artillery Observation Vehicle, etc.


*temporary business group with Arquus and Thales

SERVAL*, Light Armored Multi-Role Vehicle

The SERVAL, Light Armored Multi-Role Vehicle (Light VBMR), meets the need for engagement of light units in the contact area, especially during the initial phases of an operation under various conditions. To perform the missions assigned to it, the SERVAL will be provided in 3 versions: Armored Patrol Vehicle (VPB), Tactical Communication Node (NCT), Surveillance, Acquisition, Intelligence, Acknowledgment (SA2R).


*temporary business group with Texelis