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KNDS Ammo France

KNDS Ammo France is part of KNDS France's Ammunition Department, alongside the companies KNDS Belgium and KNDS Ammo Italy S.p.A. KNDS Ammo France is primarily the ammunition manufacturer for systems developed by KNDS France.

Ammunition is designed and qualified at the same time as systems, guaranteeing their efficiency, reliability, along with security for their users. The product family includes 155 mm and 105 mm (and 100 mm for the naval system) ammunition for artillery systems, 120 mm and 105 mm ammunition for battle tanks, 90 mm ammunition for armored vehicles and 40 mm, 30 mm, 25 mm and 20 mm ammunition for guns on light vehicles, aircraft, helicopters and ships. Most of the product range conforms NATO standards.

Finally, KNDS Ammo France is a leading partner of European missile manufacturers in the fields of military warheads, weapons security devices, pyrotechnic components, and insensitive charges and ammunition.

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