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In a strong position due to more than 60 years’ experience, KNDS CBRN, based in Saint-Chamond, is able to meet the most complex expectation of armed forces regarding CBRN threats.

KNDS CBRN, therefore masters many technologies for protection against CBRN threats and is an expert in the fields of individual protection, detection and decontamination allowing it to implement a wide range of activities ranging from design to production and maintenance in operational conditions.

  • Creation date: 1951
  • 2019 turnover: 25M€
  • Order book : more than 30 months of turnover
  • Employees: 69  individual

Following the evolution of currently omnipresent and polymorphic threat, KNDS CBRN, has adapted its missions and objectives to meet efficiently the needs and expectations of worldwide customers of any military or accidental or malicious actions.

KNDS CBRN, thus, developed a very extensive range of high-performance systems and solutions for individual and collective protection, excellent quality and effective filtration systems for on-board personnel in armored vehicles engaged in operations in extreme conditions or in fixed or mobile shelters had made us the first choice for the experts and military users.

KNDS CBRN proudly presents advanced and specialized detection kits to military personnel and first responders, for rapid and accurate identification of CBRN threats and risks, considering the guarantee the safety of operations and activities.

KNDS CBRN cutting-edge decontamination system for individuals, vehicles and infrastructures, used in both military and industrial field, are in a perpetual hard work of progress.

The R&D department at KNDS CBRN continuously working hard to meet the requirements of CBRN e threats and risks. This engineering department devoted to give and upkeep our top-notch products and resourceful concept to make easier to accomplish various missions of CBRN detection, protection, identification and samples collection for both military and industrial fields.

Research & Development, Production, Sales & Marketing, Purchasing and Contracts departments, a chain of well-organized professionals and executives to insure KNDS CBRN’s pioneer place in CBRN. Devoted to creativity, engineers and after sales support services are customer oriented to fulfil your needs, requirements and inquiries.

KNDS CBRN, skills and know-hows rotate around core competencies and CBRN proficiency are the key reasons of current success. Measurement and tests, thermodynamics, air flow, electronics, mechanical, engineering, plastics technology or ergonomics are important elements for Research and Development and Engineering department projection to prepare the future.

KNDS CBRN is committed to a quality and environmental approach in order to better serve its customers and to be an environmentally aware player:

  • ISO9001 and AQAP2110 since 2009
  • ISO14001 since 2016

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