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KNDS France Robotics

In October 2012, KNDS France created KNDS France Robotics, a new 100% KNDS France brand, whose purpose is to design, develop, industrialize, produce, market and support (directly or indirectly) terrestrial and air-land robots, all associated mission components and modules, as well as contract engineering and licensing, in the military and civilian public security domains.

KNDS France Robotics meets the expectations of the French and international armies, in terms of robots assigned, in particular, for tasks such as reconnaissance, anti-IED (improvised explosive devices, opening route), automated conveying (fardier / MULE) and protection of soldiers (remotely operated weaponized platforms). Sizes range from a few to several hundred kilograms.

Located on the Satory site, the company has the necessary staff and technical resources for rapid prototyping, the development of its entire range of robotic products, as well as mass production. KNDS France Robotics has the flexibility and responsiveness of an independent startup. This allows it to implement "short loops" with operational users, SMEs and laboratories of excellence in this field. KNDS France Robotics can thus meet operational needs with products integrating state-of-the-art technology brought to the level of robustness expected by users.

Targeted business segments: Defense, Police, Rescue and Surveillance (Civilian)

KNDS France Robotics has developed a range of robots that cover a large part of the missions applying to the Defense sector as well as to the field of civil protection (Police force and Fire fighters), ranging from reconnaissance microbots to heavy logistics or armed robots, as wall as aerial drones.

Mini tactical multi-mission robots: class 1 to 15 kg. Applications: day / night reconnaissance (including NRBC), C-IED, combat

Micro-UAVs: indoor reconnaissance and mapping, secure flight (built-in collision avoidance), vehicle accompaniment ("Augmented Vehicle"), wired drones

Versatile Tactical Robots (RTP): Class 500 kg and up. Applications: reconnaissance and site surveillance, logistics / medical evacuation, booby-trapped route opening, combat

  • NERVA® S: The NERVA®-S system is intended for fast and long-distance information collection. It is equipped with an HD camera that allows it to operate day and night and is sufficiently massive and robust to be thrown several meters, break a window or be launched from a moving vehicle. Power on takes only seconds. It is compatible with NERVA® family control stations and can be operated from any smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • NERVA® LG: The NERVA®-LG robotic system consists of a light, robust and versatile platform and its associated control station. The 4 cameras and the microphone embedded on the robot make it immediately operational for long-distance information collection (beyond 1000 m in open ground and more than 300 m in urban areas). The platform can be equipped with more than 20 different "mission kits" allowing its operational use for tasks as varied as CBRN Recognition, IED control, victim assistance or close combat. The operational efficiency of this versatility is increased tenfold by the presence of many semi-autonomous assistance devices allowing personnel to focus on the core of their mission.

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